Synix Microwave 20L Oven MW720-01M

(10 customer reviews)

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Synix Microwave Oven MW820-01M

  • Capacity: 20L
  • Microwave Output Power: 800W
  • Defrost: YES
  • Timer: 35mins
  • End Cooking Signal: YES


  • Type of Control: Mechanical
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Microwave Output Power: 800W
  • Defrost: YES
  • Timer: 35mins
  • End Cooking Signal: YES
  • Glass Turntable: 255mm
  • Interior Cavity: Grey powder coating
  • Enclosure: Black powder coating
  • Door: glass
  • Product dimensions: 440X355X258 mm
  • Packing Dimensions: 488X380X291 mm
  • N.W. 10.5Kg; G.W. 11.5KG

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Syinix Home appliances in Ghana, Goodluck Africa Ltd is leading authorized dealer of Syinix appliances in Ghana.

Syinix is always aimed at providing suitable home appliances at the best price, and constantly enriching its customers' life experience. It continuously strives to enrich the living experience for each family worldwide. All what Syinix has done is to offer you a smart and better life. Syinix spares no efforts to develop into a leading home appliance brand of its kind now in Africa.

Syinix products enjoy unique finish design with the theme color of green which symbolizes nature and health. Syinix has a top-notched team of designers and Syinix products are featured with simple and optimized user experience, which embodies its brand artistic conception of being warm, comfortable, and easy to use.

world famous home appliance brand

Syinix is a world famous home appliances brand.With the Japanese design style and always making it better, Syinix continuously pursues innovative functional design and a more exquisite detail of its products. Moreover, its finish design is embedded with understated and simple lines, thus it can help its customers restore a cozy family atmosphere

10 reviews for Synix Microwave 20L Oven MW720-01M

  1. Winnifred

    I love my Syinix microwave oven. I had one before for many years so when I replaced it I wanted exactly the same as I had. I was fortunate enough to find one like my old one

  2. Greg

    It is wonderful. The perfect stainless and black looking microwave for my kitchen.

  3. Richard

    Love it!! Never been excited about using such an appliance before!! Works really well

  4. Vivian

    It has a really nice black look. Work amazing with a good price.

  5. Sylvia Oduro

    Its very cool! Ordered online thought it would be bigger but overall very excited about this Syinix Microwave 20L Oven MW720-01M

  6. Joseph

    Fast service, good price, only one issue. That was, upon opening the box I noticed a small dent on the handle of the door. Not real noticeable but is visible

  7. Quarshie

    this Syinix microwave always make my food feel FRESH. such a great product

  8. Nana Sammy

    I like this new Syinix 20l microwave. it gets much hotter than my old microwave. I hope it last very long for me

  9. Mabel

    Elegant looking microwave that does a great job. Syinix 20l microwave is such a microwave you should have in your kitchen

  10. Peter

    I always want to keep my foods warm before eating. So I bought this Syinix microwave and it is working well for me. I highly recommend it.

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