Akai Commercial Blender BD031A-767

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  • Akai Commercial blender ( 100% Copper Motor)
  • 2.0L Unbreakable Jar
  • Powerful Smoothie maker / Can break hard ice cubes
  • 1200-1500Watt Heavy duty Powerful motor
  • High 28000 RPM
  • Variable Speed
  • Pulse switch
  • Stainless Steele Blades
  • Safety Switch
  • Over heat protection


Akai Commercial blender ( 100% Copper Motor)

Powerful Smoothie maker / Can break hard ice cubes

2.0L Unbreakable Jar

1200-1500Watt Heavy duty Powerful motor

High 28000 RPM

Variable Speed

Pulse switch

Stainless Steele Blades

Safety Swithc

Over heat protection

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12 reviews for Akai Commercial Blender BD031A-767

  1. Collins

    it works perfectly 👌. We have used it for 3years and still counting

  2. Collins

    The best commercial blender that I’ve used so far is this Akai Blender i purchased from Goodluck Africa. it is very solid. it gives a lot of power to blend anything. You can try it if you are looking for a commercial blender to use

  3. Cynthia

    No doubt a lot of people use this Akai commercial blender in their restaurant kitchen. It gives much power you need for blending your foodstuffs

  4. Janet

    I’m really happy with this product it actually does a really great job with blending. best blender I’ve ever bought for the kitchen

  5. Juliet Danso

    I really needed to upgrade my blender, and now that I have this Akai commercial blender , I don’t know how I lived without this. it is awesome blender

  6. Maxwell Takyi

    I actually like that it’s cheap and blends really good. this Akai commercial blender is great product to have in your kitchen

  7. Jennifer Owusu

    This blender surpassed my expectations. I was hesitant on purchasing this product because of the price, but it works wonderfully for all my smoothies

  8. Deborah

    Love he fact that I can use this Akai Commercial blender for both commercial and domestic purpose. it’s all one unit. It’s a little louder but it works just as great

  9. Kenneth Appiah

    This Akai commercial blender blender is absolutely amazinggggg!!! I can’t believe it took me so long to buy one. I can’t wait to start making drinks!! I highly recommend this blender.

  10. Grace Gyamfi

    I enjoy the fact that I can clean this Akai commercial blender without cutting myself . it really does a nice job and it’s durable

  11. Esther Danso

    I am pleased with this Akai commercial blender. As a commercial blender, the price is reasonable and it has never failed us in the restaurant kitchen before since we bought it

  12. Monica Fokuo

    I’ve been using it for my juice production. This heavy duty blender is amazing

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