Notebook Laptop keyboard protective film 12-14 inch


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[Why protective film? ]
The laptop is a good thing, but in actual use, often encounter a lot of trouble, under these circumstances, I do not know you have not met?
1. Coke, accidentally turned in half a glass of cola on the keyboard! Burning machine!
2. smoke. Cigarette ash fell on the keyboard. Leaving a scar!
3. Too many notebook chat, Cap shiny one!
4. girlfriend with your books, when actually find a beetle from the keyboard below!
5. Screen and keycap spacing is too small LCD screen on the passage of time has left its mark!
6. In order to clean keycaps but a broken, lost two, and three could not installed!

And users of laptop keyboard is the most intimate parts in contact, and I do not think some users will want to experience more than the case …… So, for your own laptop keyboard with a comfortable, transparent, antibacterial and are easy keyboard protective film scrub is your best choice. You can maximize the protection of your assets, increase your productivity, and not bother to dust work. Why not do it?



Keyboard film is flat so regardless of how your computer keys are can be very convenient.
Japan imported silicone elastomer materials, meticulous design and production;
Ultra-thin design, only the thickness of 0.15mm;
Soft and high flexibility, ultra-thin full-transparent, tactile;
Easy to use, closely fit the keyboard surface, without prejudice to any keyboard operation;
Easy to clean, dry clean can be reused later.
Ensure that you have a new and very hygienic keyboard

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