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  • Energy Efficient
  • Half Board Indicator
  • 7 Programs
  • Button Control
  • Fully built in
  • 12 Settings
  • Display on front
  • Led display
  • Water consumption: 11 Liters



A 35 minute Quick Wash can be used to clean dishes very rapidly at 50 °C. It’s perfect for small loads of lightly soiled dishes, so you don’t have to wait to fill up the whole dishwasher.


A Hygiene button provides sanitary cleaning to minimize bacteria. Its cleansing final rinse heats the water up to 70 °C and maintains this temperature for a few minutes, so dishes come out hygienically clean.


A One Hour Express Wash option lets you get your dishes clean and dry much faster. It’s ideal for smaller loads of lightly soiled items that don’t need really intensive cleaning.
Weight: 40 kg
Brand: MIDEA
  • Capacity (litres): 3080 L
Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A
  • Door Style: Single Door
  • LED Displays: Yes
Operating Mode
  • Quiet: Yes
  • Temperature Controls: Yes
  • Fully built in
  • 12 Settings
  • 7 Programs
  • Display on front
  • Led display
  • Water consumption: 11 Liters
  • LED Rinse
  • LED Salt Refill Indicator
  • Soft Push Button Top Control
  • Temperature Settings: 6
Capacity & Dimensions
  • Capacity (litres): 3080L
  • Net Dimension (W×H×D): 598 mm × 815 mm × 550 mm



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5 reviews for MIDEA 12 PLATES DISHWASHER [WQP12-7713E]

  1. Gilbert Addo

    Midea 12 plate dishwasher is the best of its kind. This dishwasher I bought from Goodluck Africa Ltd was delivered to in perfect condition! Super easy to set up and works well!

  2. Monica Ofori

    I use this midea dishwasher in my restaurant and with my large customers, i can get by running 2 loads a day. This dishwasher is perfect

  3. Ruth Donkor

    This Midea in built dishwasher costly for me but it’s just perfect. It is really nice and washes my dishes very well

  4. Francis Ofori

    I ordered this Midea dishwasher from goodluck africa ltd. and was delivered to me on time. It washes my items very fast.

  5. Roberta Nkrumah

    The midea 12 plates dishwasher is very convenient. All I have to do is load the dishes and detergent and the dishwasher will clean my utensils perfectly. it is an amazing product

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