Bruhm water dispenser BDS-1169

(12 customer reviews)

599.00 549.00


Heating capacity : 5.0L/hour
Cooling capacity : 2.0L/hour
Stainless steel
550W heating
100W cooling
Compressor Cooling
Hot & Cold
Without fridge, with normal cabinet


  • Hot/cold water faucets
  • Stainless steel food-grade water tank
  • Cooling power: 90W (with cabinet); 100W (with refrigerator)
  • Cold water temperature: ≤10°C
  • Heating power: 550W
  • Hot water temperature: ≥85°C
  • Automatic water temperature control
  • Anti-overflow design
  • With built-in refrigerator (cabinet optional)
  • High efficiency compressor cooling Colours: white/silver/black/red

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12 reviews for Bruhm water dispenser BDS-1169

  1. Ursula

    Good size; lightweight; easy to set up. My complaint is it doesn’t keep the water cold enough. I have it on the lowest temperature setting. My previous water dispenser kept the water temp. at refrigerator

  2. Theophilus

    I’ve owned this for about 7 months and I loved it till recently it stopped working

  3. Wilberforce

    We are in love! We are drinking so much more water and feel better about not using disposable bottles. My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting a water dispenser for years. We are so pleased with this Bruhm water dispenser

  4. Quarshie

    Affordable prices and quality, beautiful design. Going to Looks great in your home

  5. Greg

    This dispenser has been one of my best investments, worth the price and a sleek nice looking dispenser. I am totally happy with this purchase.

  6. Lisa

    Looks great and functions well. Cold side is not quite as cold as advertised to me. But it’s a great product for the price

  7. Yamoah

    Dispenser works great, only problem is delivery was delayed.

  8. Oteng Gideon

    Inexpensive, good value, simple to operate and maintain, and easy to clean

  9. Faustina Donkor

    Came very well packed and delivery few hours after placing my order. This is a very nice water dispenser

  10. Sandra

    I bought this cooler based on the reviews. We have used it for approx. 2 weeks and are very happy with its performance. This is the first water cooler I have owned and therefore have nothing to compare it to.

  11. Chris

    This is Exactly what I ordered for. I love this my new dispenser so far in our office. Cold is very cold and hot is very hot.

  12. Irene

    The Bruhm water dispenser has an affordable price compared to others. Delivery was very fast!!! Set up was Super easy and works perfect. Highly recommend this one

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