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  • Low noise 32-40db
  • Anti bacteria
  • Vitamin c filter
  • Wide range 165V-265V


  • Environ friendly
  • Wide range voltage 165V-265V Galvanized outdoor casing
  • Extreme cool upto 16°C degree
  • Windy air flow with low noise from 32-40db Energy-saving technology
  • Auto-restart function
  • Multi-folds evaporator 2 stage *12 rows Fast cooling compressor
  • Premium design
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Sleep mode function
  • Anti bacteria & vitamin c filter

Buy Bruhm 2.0 HP AC from Goodluck Africa and get it delivered yo your doorstep. Burhm is a reliable brand with proven service team in Accra, Kumasi and other parts of Ghana, IF you are looking for an efficient AC then Bruhm Ac is the right choice.



Bruhm is a leading appliance brand in the world. Bruhm uses German technology to produce the goods. Bruhm has the following list of goods TVs , Satellite Tvs, Smart TVs, Curve TVs and ?Digital TVs, UHD Tvs, Fridges , Freezers, Gas cookers, Air conditioners ( ACs), Washing machines , Rice cookers , Microwave and many more.


  1. Joseph

    I bought it for my living room . It is absolutely wonderful! It’s works so good and it is easy to install! Very good quality for the price. it took them almost the whole day to deliver it to me

  2. Ernest

    Wow!! the best AC is I’ve used so far. it cools my room well and I pay less electricity bills compared to other AC’s

  3. Philipa

    BRUHM 2.0HP Split Air Conditioner was delivered to my door undamaged and seems to work great.

  4. Gilbert

    With the good price, quality is nice enough to deserve 5-stars.This BRUHM 2.0HP Split Air Conditioner is really quiet, works as intended

  5. Rita

    BRUHM 2.0HP Split Air Conditioner is the best AC I have ever bought. I’ve used it for years now and I don’t ever worry about servicing it. It cools my room very well

  6. Ernest

    If you really need an energy saving AC that will beat your expectation, my friend then you need to try this Bruhm 2.0hp. I love this unit

  7. Ernert Oppong

    I ordered the bruhm 2.0 split air conditioner from Goodluck Africa Ltd. online and it was delivered to me some few moments after I placed the order. I came in with everything intact. Thank you

  8. Gideon Adjei

    The energy saving technology and low noise production of this Bruhm 2.0 split AC is amazing compared to other AC’s i’ve used before. it is an excellent product

  9. Kofi Ansah

    Great air conditioner. I like the design of it. It cools faster and saves my energy as well. I recommend.

  10. Team India

    Bruhm AC 2.0 is a cool AC. I ordered it online , they took two day to deliver it. But its worth a wait . this one cools my bedroom well. Goodluck Africa hats off to you. but next time donot delay me too much, You say instant delivery . Stick to your word.

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