Aardee 550W Stainless steel blender with grinder and 1.5L glass jar, ARFB-5500SS

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  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Genuine Quality Product
  • Premium Brand
  • 1.5L


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Genuine Quality Product
  • Premium Brand



Creating outstanding products in the Kitchen and Home appliance segment with the highest level of reliability for our users has been the sole aim of aardee®. The aardee® team believes that through its actions and products the world can be a healthier and safer place to live in. Launched in Germany, with a design studio in Berlin, innovative products are designed keeping the consumer in mind at all times. The design team travels across the world and interacts with different communities to tailor-make the products to regional requirements as well as maintaining all the global standards for production. aardee® is also focused to ease the multiple uses like boiling milk, eggs and water as well as making tea leaves, milk and water which is a typical way to make tea across the Asian sub-continent. The team aardee® believes that safety in the kitchen is of utmost requirement, hence our gas burners and cooking ranges are equipped with flame failure devices and all our motorized appliances comes in-built with circuit breaker and thermostat cut-off which ensure the safety of the family and long lasting products. The team was also first in developing a water dispenser that has 3 taps instead of the conventional 2 taps (hot, cold and normal). the team also ensures that any plastic being used is food grade and not harmful thus aiming to make the world a healthier and safer place. The brand aims to completely remove the use of plastic in all its products where the food or water gets heated. Currently, aardee® is available across more than 30 countries and it aims to be available in across the globe by the year 2022 and be recognized as the largest, most innovative and reliable player in the kitchen segment. The king of the kitchen with presence in 100 countries. We at aardee® thank all of you for helping us achieve the goal of a healthy environment by supporting us. Goodluck Africa Ltd, Osu, Accra, Ghana has wide range of Aardee products in stock. We have Aardee wholesale and retail in Ghana. Buy Aardee products from Goodluck Africa and get a free delivery to your home step.

5 reviews for Aardee 550W Stainless steel blender with grinder and 1.5L glass jar, ARFB-5500SS

  1. Christable

    I used this blender for my smoothies everyday and it works well. love it

  2. Ursula

    The Aardee 550W stainless steel blender is very strong blender with much power. At first the glass was my problem but it is very strong. it has fell severally but has not broken

  3. Jennifer

    Great heavy duty glass blender with a tightly fitted lid. This Aardee blender has a lot of power with 550w that your kitchen should have

  4. Joseph Ofori

    It works great and we love it. Our commercial blender blender got spoiled and we purchased this Aardee 550W Stainless steel blender to replace it for short term. this blender is awesome

  5. Cynthia

    Great blender for the money! Can’t go wrong. this Aardee 550W stainless steel blender is such a powerful blender for your kitchen

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